Thursday, April 1, 2010

date night!

about a month ago Ryan and I decided to have a weekly date night ( as our work schedules are completely opposite, we needed to schedule in some couple time)  thus far we have gone to dinner at various places and gone out to the movies.  But, with the warm weather we decided to take our date night outside on a little adventure!  
so we went to an arcade center, Cool Crest, in neighboring, Independence, MO.  It was slightly shabby and unfortunately the go-carts weren't running, but we did do a couple rounds in the batting cages.   I look slightly ridiculous, but it was super fun.
I was pretty awful, although Ryan said I was "surprisingly not a as bad" as he'd anticipated!  He was really good...of course! (isn't he cute?)
then we went inside and used the rest of our tokens on the skee-ball game.  We got enough tickets to get some plastic rings... (and then took an awesome photo in the photo booth, I will try to scan it in later)
Then for the dining portion of date night we headed over to Big Boy, it was soso food wise, but the atmosphere was hilarious and like a weird time warp ( back to the early '90's)! We just had so much fun, acting like kids and just laughing at everything!  All in all it was a great night with my boo!  (although, my hands are really sore today, that baseball hitting was really rough!)
this was the view from inside the big boy (yup, looks like a bullet hole, did I mention how WT that part of town can be?) it was hilarious!... and a little creepy!


kate maggie said...

You're right, this is the best date, hands down. I miss going to the batting cages. I have always thought arcades are the best places to go on dates. Glad you had fun - and you looked fabulous! x

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Awww Brett and I used to do these kinds of dates all the time! Batting cages, arcade games - but we'd also do bumper boats and go-kart racing at the same place! So cute. Love the photos.