Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hey mom-ma!

im sporting my sweet new mom jeans (that's all I was alluding to in the title, don't worry!) I bought these sweet Gloria Vanderbilt jeans at Costco! for like $15, and then I took them home and tapered the leg (unfortunately I accidently made the right leg MUCH tighter than the left, sorta awkward feeling (like I can't bend my right knee...))
This little meadow of flowers just appeared the other day in our backyard!  I love spring time in Kansas City!  so many flowers and buds everywhere, it is a really beautiful place. 
 So, today is "Fountain day" here.  Did you know that Kansas City is called the city of fountains?  yup, it has the most fountains in the nation!  so today is the day that they fill them all up and the water starts to flow.. which should be interesting, cause it is REALLY windy, so the water will end up all over the sidewalks!  
I've been thinking that I should try to visit all of these fountains in town and show you all some of the beauties of KC.... we will see. It will probably have to wait till summer, cause I am swamped until about May 10th... 
outfit details: jeans: Costco, shirt: F21, shoes: real old???, belt: thrifted

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Mary said...

Love this look! Spring looks good on you