Monday, April 5, 2010


well, I seem to have misplaced that little contraption that connects my camera to my tripod, soooo.... no outfit photos today.  (Im convinced that Simon, my cat, has stolen it because we ran out of cat food on saturday and he had to go a whole day without food, which in his food obsessed/fatty boomblatty world, is a major crisis! and total cause for taking revenge on the neglectful humans!)

anywho, I can show you this gem of a photo from this past Friday night.  I went out with some great gals to check out the art of 'first Fridays'  I think that lots of towns do this... but it is a night where all of the galleries are open and the arty kids are out, and the wine in plastic cups is free!  so, it's an all around good time.  We turned a corner and came apon this!
 thats right folks its a Delorean, and it was totally done up to be the back to the future/time machine delorean.  IT WAS AWESOME!  I used to love the Back to the Future movies, Micheal J. Fox was so dreamy!  so anyway, I geeked out and had to have my photo taken with said car!  hehe. (sorry for the crappy/ tiny photo)  I am on the hunt for that little black thing that attaches my camera to my tripod...

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Mary said...

That was so fun! I'm glad your pic came out bc the ones I took of you were all blurred! Back to the future baby