Thursday, April 29, 2010


hello bloggy friends!  i realize I have been on hiatus for a bit (of course I have a great excuse, several excuses actually)  but really, ive missed being able to share a bit of my day with the great wide world and have a bit of reflection time on this here blog...
I wanted to show you a close up of my FAVORITE earrings!  (they jingle when I walk)
... so ill give ya some updates... in the past week (or two) I have moved house!  (we are officially grown-ups now, no longer living in a crummy rental apartment, now we have a crummy rental house of our own....)   these photos are in our new backyard!  Im so excited to explore in our new hood and find some photo spots! 
we rocked the senior pic style/over the shoulder look!
 on the work front we are putting up our spring show at the ballet next week, featuring Balanchines Who Cares..... it's shaping up to be a good show, but as per usual, the costume shop is a mad house and we have a TON of work, but I am very excited about the beautiful costumes that we are making  ( i will def. post photos once the show is up!)
outfit details: dress: Target, sweater:F21, boots/slip: thrifted
anywho, its good to be back and as soon as this show is over I will get the whole summer off!  so I plan on going on/ having lots of adventures and sharing them here!
this is the junk that the former residents left in the yard! shame!

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Mary said...

oh my gosh, you guys have planter beds!?!?! AWESOME! good luck with the new house!