Wednesday, May 5, 2010

all graduated.

I wore this outfit over the weekend to my fiances, cousins college graduation.  Looking back it is a biiit short, but c'est la vie!  when you are 5'10" everything is short on ya (especially items purchased from Forever 21.  what is that?  are their fit models munchkins or something everything at that store runs on the tiny size!  sorry, slight rant...)  It was really funny taking these photos, here were all of these grads around me, having their photos taken, to honor their GREAT achievements, and there I was just some schmo, having a mini photo shoot....hehe!  
Well, we went into the theater yesterday for the KC Ballet's Spring Show.. Who Cares, so lots of late nights and boring black/utilitarian clothing in my future!  
outfit details: jacket, shoes: thrifted, dress:Forever 21

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