Tuesday, May 25, 2010

double whammy!

so, you tell me.. does absence make the heart grow fonder? did ya miss me? ive missed chronicling my days here on the blog.  So, as a hello to you all I'm giving you a double whammy of blogging! ( we all know this is more for me than anyone else..right?  im a nerd!)  So I am bringing you two tree-themed outfit photos.  
The first set is from 2 weekends ago when I went to my future bro-in laws college graduation at my alma matter, The University of Kansas.  The KU campus is only about a 45minute drive from Kansas City, but I don't make it out there as often as I should, and even when I do go to Lawrence I usually just hang out in town, I don't visit the campus, but I am totally gonna have to rectify that, because the campus is so super beautiful!  It has a pond and a couple of large parks and flowers galore!  
This awesome tree sculpture is new since I graduated (back in 2006), but totally photo worthy!
It was a chilly and rainy day and we had to stand outside for hours, waiting for the grads to descend a hill and enter the football stadium, so I wanted to dress up, but be comfy and warm.  so this blazer, boots and dress combo worked out perfectly!
outfit details: dress and blazer: thrifted, boots:Aldo, scarf: target
so, for part 2 of this post... this was just yesterday, and man oh man, has the weather changed!  It is like 90 degrees and sooo humid!  I feel like we skipped over my favorite part of year when it is warm, but not too humid and jumped right into the full heat of summer! (i really shouldn't complain now though, cause it's only gonna get worse)
This awesome giant tree is in our neighbors yard but it has been showering our lawn with the prettiest flowers!  It almost looks like snow out there, sooo pretty!
and remember how I said I am jumper-obsessed?  well, here's one of the many! It is perfectly light and easy to wear on a warm day!
outfit details: jumper: Target, sandals: tourist store in Mexico


Carole Buschmann said...

Hey glad your back Ms. arborista!

Molly said...

wow that vine house is so cool. and i love the peach tones of your first ensemble. adorable.