Wednesday, May 26, 2010

summer=seventies, man.

so i think that i always have a bit of the 70's vibe, but when it comes to my summer duds they are heavy on the high-waisted and peace-loving looks.  As you can see with this outfit!  
Ryan and I went to the...dunh.dunh.dunh.... dreaded suburbs yesterday (an activity that both of us abhor), but for a good cause.... we finally registered for our wedding gifts. 
It was such a strange experience, trying to find and anticipate all of our needs for the future.  To be honest, we are at a stage in our lives and have lived on our own long enough, that we almost have everything that we need (ie toaster, blender, towels...)  Do any of you married gals have some suggestions?  like maybe what was the best gift you got?  or the things you use the most?  We registered at Target and Crate and Barrel...any other ideas?   
now that I am done with work for the summer I have no excuse not to get down to business with this wedding planning stuff, but man-oh-man can it be draining!
outfit details: shorts, belt: thrifted, blouse: Forever 21, shoes: Old Navy
While we were looking for registry items we ended up buying some stuff for the new house... we desperately needed these curtains, but they will need to be hemmed  (as soon as I unpack my art studio/ sewing room)!


Mo Pie, Please said...

Register for your honeymoon!! That's what we are doing. You can just ask for monetary contributions and basically it's just a polite way of registering

Joey said...

oooh, thats a great idea!!!!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Brett and I had nothing when first got married, so a lot of the essentials were in order, but we also got a tent and air mattress and we love it for camping! Get fun stuff! People love buying those things of things!

Vicki said...

love the cut up denims!