Thursday, June 2, 2011

diy: tin can planter

In my efforts to be productive but avoid doing any actual cleaning I decided to do a little diy garden project, all I did was transplant my new Jasmine plant to an old cookie tin container. This is an easy-peasy project (it took me 3 minutes and it didn't cost me anything!) I love jasmine it has a pretty little white blossom and is a sun-lover and since my middle name is Yasmine I've always been fond of this sweet smelling plant.

so here's all I did....
with a large nail and a hammer I poked a few holes in the bottom of my tin can (which I got at Christmas time from World Market, it was full of yummy gingersnaps)

I placed a few rocks in the bottom of my tin can and then put the plant into the can and filled it in with some planting soil

place the tin can on an old plate or tray and ...VOILA!

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purelovefashion said...

Always the inventive one!