Saturday, June 18, 2011

wrapped trees

in my recent travels I went to the annual Smokey Hill River Arts Festival in Salina, Kansas. I've gone nearly every year since I was a kiddo and I love the feeling of summer that I get while I'm there. The weekend is spent with family, visiting the festival and then relaxing and catching up. playing games, telling stories, enjoying the sunshine and in the evening catching lightening bugs.

Not only does the festival showcase lots of art and crafts, but the park is always transformed by local artists... my favorite thing that they do is these "wrapped trees" they are so simple and colorful and they really make the park vibrant and special.

outfit details: dress,purse, belt: thrifted, hat: borrowed from my aunt

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Terri said...

The wrapped trees are beautiful. I've been trying to get an outfit photo WITH lightning bugs. To date, I've not had much luck.