Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a Kansas gal

over the past two weeks I have been foraying into small town Kansas to visit family and enjoy the scenery. As a native Coloradan I will always love my beautiful mountains, but over the past ten years of living in and around Kansas I have come to appreciate the beauty of this area. This time of year the wheat fields are golden and seem to undulate with the wind. Everything is deep deep green and the flint hills roll out alongside the highway like viridian carpets.

What can I say, I am fairly smitten with my surroundings and thoroughly enjoying being able to take the time to connect with my family and the beautiful land that surrounds us.

family photo... (ryan: the Husband, and Patrick: the dog)

outfit details:dress Thrifted, heels: Dillards


lindsey.ann said...

awwww. baby patrick. i LOVE that ^ family.

Terri said...

Oh, I am a great fan of the Flint Hills.