Thursday, June 2, 2011

not so long ago

....not soo long ago, when these photos were taken, only two weeks ago... my days seemed much different..... not only were the temperatures much cooler (it is now HAWT and humid) but I was not on vacation..... which I am now! tehe, that was my roundabout way of saying that I am on my summer vacation! and I am so excited to be doing nothing (except for all of the cleaning, organizing, crafting, swimming and lounging)

isn't this a cute background? this is outside of a costume shop that we frequent for jewels and trimmings and such that we need for work.... very dramatic, no?

I found this cute gold top at a thrift store and immediately chopped it up into ....well, into what it is.... sorta crop top...tee,thingy!

anywho, I'm excited to get started on all of my summer plans.... and I'll be sure to post about all of my craftiness!

outfit details:top and jean jacket: thrifted, jeans: Urban outfitters, shoes and bag: gift, stone necklace:F21, fringe necklace:made by me!

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