Monday, December 7, 2009

new plan...

so, here's the deal, I seem to go through these phases of intense blogging followed by large gaps of zero blogging... so in an effort to make myself more culpable to you all (my avid readers) and as a sort of personal experiment I am going to follow the lead of some of my favorite blogs,such as, the clothes horsedelightfully tackyKansas Couture.... by..... doing a daily outfit photo. We will see if this makes me a more responsible blogger and perhaps a more thoughtful dresser?!

So to start off with this new plan I give you a double whammy! Today I wore my work clothing followed by party clothes, as I am going to go see my boyfriends band, Thunder Eagle this evening!
sweater: thrifted, jeans: gap, boots: Boomerang, scarf:gift from Nordstroms

coat: target, purse: Alverra st., hat: Urban Outfitters

dress: made by Angela (thought on Spots), boots: thrifted, belt: dav, tights: target, cat: Simon

Soooo..... let me know what you think of the blog style!


Angela said...

Yay! That dress looks so cute on you! And nice Nordstrom scarf too. =) I miss you sooooo much.

Joey said...

you were a significant part of my style today! yay, miss you so!