Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas countdown: t - 3 days!

Whilst I've been Christmas shopping the past few weeks I keep on having this huge problem!  Here it is.... I shop for myself!  I know, Its awful, and soooo not in the christmas spirit, but what can I say, I am a glutton for clothes!  I got this cute leather skirt at SAVERS, my new favorite thrift store (this one happens to be located in Johnson county, the 2nd wealthiest county in the USA, so the clothes are pretty phenomenal!)  not to mention that it is  really well organized for a thrift store!  I have recently been obsessed with the idea of a leather skirt and I now have two ( I got the other one on sale at forever 21).  I feel like a leather skirt can bring the right amount of edginess to an outfit, while still being feminine.  
skirt: thrifted, SAVERS!, tights: F21, boots: gift, top: ATC
So, on a more christmasy note, here are some shots from around my house of xmas decorations.  I call this area of my house "the shrine"  and it changes seasonally, but always includes bones and my polaroids (two of my favorite things)!
I made these snow globes using a tutorial I found in a Martha Stewart book, I then saw it again here on the Free People blog.
My mom always has a bijillion paper whites around her house during the christmas season, and for me the scent of them is synonymous with Christmas!
Today has been super crazy busy!  Ive been wrapping gifts galore and trying to get organized.  I have a two show day tomorrow and then weather permitting Ryan and I are going to Hutchinson to spend xmas with his family....my new in laws to be! 


mallory said...

I've been loving your blog, I happy to see someone in the decorating spirit! We didn't even put up our tree this year, so lame. I'm really happy for you and Ryan, you are so lucky to have each other. Merry Christmas!

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

Love this!

Adela said...

i love the sweater and the pendant necklace! =)


Ross said...

Wait.....is that a skull mixed in with your Christmas decor?

You just made my day.