Sunday, January 3, 2010

countdown ka-put!

don't fear I have not abandoned you, just been REALLY REALLY busy,   so since I left so abruptly in the middle of my favorite holiday countdown I have done a lot... 

-I drove to Hutchinson KS in the middle of a rain storm, had a panic attack in the car ( don't worry, I'm OK, my sweet fiance, Ryan, took over the wheel and got us to safety)
-had a lovely Christmas celebration with my fiance and his amazing family
Christmas #1
-got a totally awesome air soft gun from Ryan, his whole family thought we were weirdos, but we had a ton of fun shooting trees and the barn out in the snow! (It was a bit windy)
getting country with my new toy, please don't think I am too hickey, it's really just for fun!
-drove back to Kansas City during a SNOW storm
-went directly to work 
-worked 4 Nutcracker shows in two days
-packed up the entire Nutcracker show! (yay, no more mice and angels)
-flew to Denver and had another Xmas celebration with my family!
my Momma and our skinny, pretty tree
-drove to the mountains, spent two days skiing in Loveland with my man and all of our siblings
we are such snowbunnies!
-drove back down to Denver, saw all of our guests off
-went to a nice dinner with my parents for New Years! (fell asleep on the couch with my mom, watching The Proposal)
my New Years Outfit!  skirt: Forever 21, sweater: borrowed from my mom, tanktop: actually a dress that I thrifted
-got the STOMACH FLU!!
-flew back to Kansas City (Nauseous the whole way)
-I am still recovering... every time I feel that I am getting a bit better my poor stomach revolts, guh,guh,guh.  

So, it has been a very eventful week to say the least and I am going back to work tomorrow, so hopefully my stomach gets in gear and I get back into my normal routine.  I am currently curled up on my couch, tv surfing, avoiding taking down my xmas decorations, and catching up on all of the blogs that I've missed this past week.  I have some new ideas to update and spruce up my blog here in the new year (new name? new layout?), so keep coming back, and hopefully I can get my butt in gear and make this thing a bit more impressive!   

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