Monday, January 25, 2010

the money shot!

Ah, Monday, aka reality.  Naw, today wasn't too bad, worked hard all day at the ballet and then went to ZUMBA class at the gym with my pal Angela,  it is so funny, I am such an awkward spaz, but I love getting in to it and doing all my dance moves full out.  I always have a hard time with workout clothes, I want to remain stylish but still be comfy!  what do you guys wear when you are getting your fitness on?
fishy necklace : B-day gift from Jess!
afterwards I went to my fiances basketball game, the Kansas City J's ( they WON!)
Ryan, looking tough and sweaty at his b-ball game! 
check out my sweet moves!  Yeah, the J's really want me on their team, but I'm pretty exclusive!
my mad skills!
I love this leather skirt, I've only worn it a couple times, but every time I do I feel real tough!
Outfit details:shirt: target, skirt:thrifted, boots:Claires


anne charlotte said...

ooo! i have that shirt! and i love it

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Great skirt! It's a little weird, I'm wearing a very similar outfit today...great minds think alike? Your dance classes at the gym sound really fun.

ash le dugan said...

Great skirt, it's like a mission to find one with the perfect style and fit! Lovely...


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I really love your skirt! Whenever I'm working out, I'm always just in the same black stretch pants and a gray t-shirt.. and I never look anybody in the eyes. Haha!

Caitlin Louise said...

You're a toughie, even without a leather skirt. It is very adorable though. Glad to hear the J's finally won!