Monday, January 4, 2010

what's in a name...

yay! so I finally got a tripod!  so... that means, hopefully, I'll have better image quality on my photos.  I took these photos yesterday, when I had a moment of feeling decent, it was snowing like crazy here and now it is just REALLY cold.  I am still under the weather and took one extra day of break (aka. I didn't go to work) so that I can go to work feeling 100%.
So, in another effort to improve my blog I decided to change the name of it...When I began this whole thing I thought that I would focus mainly on textiles and art, but as my life and lifestyle has evovled, my focus has changed and this has become more of a forum for me to share my daily experiences and motivate me to be a creative and thoughtful person.  So, in that vein, I was hoping to find a blog title that is a bit less specific and more generally suits me.
I've come up with some options, most of them are titles from poems in Walt Whitman's "Leaves of Grass"  (not to sound pretencious, but I've been sick and reading a lot of Whitman)
So, here are the options... I'd really love to hear your input, tell me which ones you like and why....
1. Native Moments   (I am leaning towards this one)
2. Quicksand Years
3. In Paths Untrodden
4. The First Dandelion
5. Unseen Buds
6. Turkey Talk    (This is NOT a Whitman title, but one of my nicknames is Turkey, Ryan likes this one the best) 

....OR, any other ideas? 

Outfit details:  skirt: American Apparel, tights: Kohls, t-shirt: thrifted, sweater: Nordstroms, boots: Sorels (New for xmas!)


Carole Buschmann said...

I have decided on two which I like as I have had reasons for liking them all. I like Native Moments and Turkey talk, but Dandelion--- I like also. But since I can't recall the second part perhaps it is not as memorable.

Monica. said...

I lost a toe nail hiking except not entirely, a tiny piece is still attached to the skin. The new nail bed is already in place but I keep rubbing the toe next to it over the hanging nail and I don’t realize what I’m doing until I feel it tug at the delicate skin. Ahhh.
I like Native Moments too because you remind me of a native Indian girl when you’re not reminding me of a German prostitute. Quicksand Years seems a little too impending doom. In Paths Untrodden you get country and optimism which I think is good. The First Dandelion is too virtuous for me. Unseen Buds reminds me of marijuana but so does B.O. and vagina. Turkey talk sounds like a thanksgiving hotline but I think it is cute that Ryan likes this one best.

So my #1 pick was almost Turkey Talk but it lacks sophistication. I was going to pick In Paths Untrodden but it does not seem to apply to your blog. So like you I pick Native Moments as my #1 pick! And Turkey Talk as my #2 pick! And bringing in the rear is…Quicksand Years!

Joey said...

haha, Monica, you crack me up! thanks for the input guys!

Sam said...

Dandelion! I don't know, you just remind me of one. It's a pretty cool weed ;)

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I spent like 8 hours trying to figure out the title of my blog. It honestly defines you.. it's a scary thought! I like Native Moments a lot!

Darling outfit too!