Wednesday, March 31, 2010

red hot!

today is a red-themed day and it really is hot, 82 degrees today!  yahoo!  
I found this little dress along with the blue and pink one from a few posts ago... it even has the same back button closures (still tough to do by myself in the AM!)  I removed the shoulder pads and shortened the skirt by about a foot.  
Isn't this purse great?  I got it in LA when I was out there last fall...I LOVE IT!
So, the exciting news from last weekend?  We rented a house!  and we will be moving in May, this is super exciting as we have always lived in apartments.  This means that the next month is gonna be super busy with packing and work and wedding planning! exciting stuff!
outfit details: dress, shoes, belt: thrifted

Sunday, March 28, 2010

black and brown... and a bib

this outfit is either very sophisticated and mad men/ secretary sexy and a skillful combination of those two color foes, black and brown....
OR perfect for wiping barbeque sauce from your face
hope your weekend was fabulous, mine was...interesting, but nice! (I will share more tomorrow)
outfit details: skirt, shoes, tights: Target, blouse: Walmart

Friday, March 26, 2010

jumping the gun..

I may have been a bit over zealous about that whole, spring time= bare legs thing, cause to be honest I've had goosebumps all day. 
 Oh, well, I found this awesome dress last weekend while visiting my fiances family in Hutchinson KS.  I always find the best stuff when I go to the thrift store there!  It came initally with some serious shoulder pads, which I 86ed!  but I love the pattern (everyone keeps asking me what it is... Isnt it a leaf??  im not really sure, any ideas?)  the back has these great buttons, which were really hard to do up myself at 7 in the morning! hehe
Did you notice my hair?!  My oh so talented friend, Amanda, came over and gave me new color last night.  To my great disappointment we decided to lose some length (it was looking pretty split up, kinda like cacti on the ends of my hair) but I hate to part with any length right now!  (I want my hair to be super long... I'm not really sure why, it's a phase)
outfit details: dress: thrifted, belt: thrifted, shoes: Aldo
anywho,  I gonna go enjoy this sunshine while it lasts

Jo does dots.

I don't think I've ever owned/ rocked a polka dot dress before, but these dots are subtle enough to be more of an all over pattern, rather than a minnie-mouse like dress!  
I have to point out this awesome belt, which my mom gave me last time that I visited her.  It used to be hers (she's so stylish)  it is a ceramic piece, isn't that neat?!  
The sun is starting to shine on a regular basis here in KC, and I can't wait to let my legs out of the tights, as it were!   yay!
outfit details: dress: thrifted/diy, tights:target, boots: gift, belt: Mom's closet, bracelets: F21

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the view up here...

.. up where?  why from the top of a van. "What? from atop a van"  you may ask, thats right.
  Let me explain....  I was so excited yesterday when I got off work and it was still sunny out!  I ran some errands and it was STILL sunny by the time I got home.  But, alas, my entire backyard was covered in shadow, so I peered around in vain when suddenly I noticed that the sun was still gracing the top of our van (that's right folks, Ryan and I are the proud babysitters of a totally dead, yup it WONT move, giant red van that belongs to no one person, but an entire defunct band! so, normally, I resent that darn van and the fact that it takes up half my backyard and my parking spot, whew...rant over) so I decided to take advantage of this eyesore and climb up towards the sun!  I scaled that ugly van in 2 seconds flat and soon realized that this wasn't a very bright idea (really!)  I precariously fought with the tree that took up half of the van roof and suffered the giant groaning sounds of the roof threatening to cave in...
moral of the story, my photos are kinda crap cause I was stuck on a van roof, wrestling with a tree, trying to make room for my tripod and to not plummet trough the roof!

haha, sorry for the extreme sarcasm in this post!  I guess it's just gonna be one of those, slightly ridiculous days (or just a normal day if I'm totally honest with myself!)
outfit details: skirt:Urban Outfitters, tights & scarf:Target, blouse: thrifted

Friday, March 12, 2010

there once was a girl...

Woe is me, I sat on a tree
to take my outfit photo
And when I arose, there were bugs in my hose,
and my bum itched all day!
like my poem?  its a true story....this tree is my newest enemy in life, cause it gave me a bug, that gave me bites, guh, really, I love nature, but I am totally freaked out by it all right now!
outfit details: sweater and skirt: Forever 21, coat: ATC, boots: gift, belt: tourism store

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


well, I finally got around to taking some photos of my outfit today ( I've had some cute ones this week, just zero time to take pics...bummer)  Alas it was drizzly and super muddy this morning, so this photo session was AWKWARD to say the least, especially since I was wearing my one pair of heeled boots, which are definitely a challenge for me under normal/dry/ flat grounded situations.  
I felt like this outfit was perfect for today, it was so gray all day, but every time I looked down and saw these big pink flowers on my dress I felt like spring must be just around the corner!

here' a funny treat for you all... I've been remaking the linings in our mouse heads (for the Nutcracker performance)... I give you... mouse girl!  runaway, runaway!
outfit details: dress: Target, cardigan: Urban Outfitters, boots: Target, tights: old,old,old

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

heeell-o, blog world!

that's right! I'm back....well, it's been a very very busy past couple of weeks!  I basically worked two shows simultaneously (Broadway's Young Frankenstein, super funny! and the KC Ballet's Winter Show)  both were great shows, and I promise, I am not complaining...I chose to work like, on the bright side, now my 9-5 job seems like a really easy day! 
You can't really tell in these photos put I had my bangs chopped, they are very cute and short ( I used to always have them short like this, but I thought I needed to look more grown-up, hence the side sweep!  but I was too annoyed with them always being in my short bangs it is! 
Well, since I've been so busy with work I really have nothing else to report, I've been incredibly boring and hardworking lately! But I am very excited to be wearing color, and skirts/dresses, which are both things that I don't wear while working shows!
On a side note, have I mentioned that I live right by a breakfast diner? well, I do...and everytime I step outside in the morning to take my photos I am overwhelmed by the smell of bacon and syrup!  Its is delicious smelling and heart breaking at the same time, because I have to go inside and be content with my toast and oatmeal!