Saturday, June 18, 2011

wrapped trees

in my recent travels I went to the annual Smokey Hill River Arts Festival in Salina, Kansas. I've gone nearly every year since I was a kiddo and I love the feeling of summer that I get while I'm there. The weekend is spent with family, visiting the festival and then relaxing and catching up. playing games, telling stories, enjoying the sunshine and in the evening catching lightening bugs.

Not only does the festival showcase lots of art and crafts, but the park is always transformed by local artists... my favorite thing that they do is these "wrapped trees" they are so simple and colorful and they really make the park vibrant and special.

outfit details: dress,purse, belt: thrifted, hat: borrowed from my aunt

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a Kansas gal

over the past two weeks I have been foraying into small town Kansas to visit family and enjoy the scenery. As a native Coloradan I will always love my beautiful mountains, but over the past ten years of living in and around Kansas I have come to appreciate the beauty of this area. This time of year the wheat fields are golden and seem to undulate with the wind. Everything is deep deep green and the flint hills roll out alongside the highway like viridian carpets.

What can I say, I am fairly smitten with my surroundings and thoroughly enjoying being able to take the time to connect with my family and the beautiful land that surrounds us.

family photo... (ryan: the Husband, and Patrick: the dog)

outfit details:dress Thrifted, heels: Dillards

Thursday, June 2, 2011

diy: tin can planter

In my efforts to be productive but avoid doing any actual cleaning I decided to do a little diy garden project, all I did was transplant my new Jasmine plant to an old cookie tin container. This is an easy-peasy project (it took me 3 minutes and it didn't cost me anything!) I love jasmine it has a pretty little white blossom and is a sun-lover and since my middle name is Yasmine I've always been fond of this sweet smelling plant.

so here's all I did....
with a large nail and a hammer I poked a few holes in the bottom of my tin can (which I got at Christmas time from World Market, it was full of yummy gingersnaps)

I placed a few rocks in the bottom of my tin can and then put the plant into the can and filled it in with some planting soil

place the tin can on an old plate or tray and ...VOILA!

not so long ago

....not soo long ago, when these photos were taken, only two weeks ago... my days seemed much different..... not only were the temperatures much cooler (it is now HAWT and humid) but I was not on vacation..... which I am now! tehe, that was my roundabout way of saying that I am on my summer vacation! and I am so excited to be doing nothing (except for all of the cleaning, organizing, crafting, swimming and lounging)

isn't this a cute background? this is outside of a costume shop that we frequent for jewels and trimmings and such that we need for work.... very dramatic, no?

I found this cute gold top at a thrift store and immediately chopped it up into ....well, into what it is.... sorta crop top...tee,thingy!

anywho, I'm excited to get started on all of my summer plans.... and I'll be sure to post about all of my craftiness!

outfit details:top and jean jacket: thrifted, jeans: Urban outfitters, shoes and bag: gift, stone necklace:F21, fringe necklace:made by me!

luna de miel

hi there! I've just returned from beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! why was I there, you ask? well, me and the hubby were on our belated honeymoon (or MOONER as we've been referring to it)

admittedly, I was pretty bad about taking (outfit) photos.... far too much relaxing to do! and to be honest I basically lived in my swimsuit and flip-flops.... but here are a random assortment of photos that I managed to take!

all and all I'd say it was a huge success! lots of sun and sand and sleeping and relaxing and being in love! swwooooon!