Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bat-wing wednesday

This top is another San Fran find! my friend actually found it in the sales section of H&M and graciously let me get it when I totally started to moon over it! (thanks Danielle, you're a peach!)

In really awesome news, I got two free tix to go see Stevie Nicks (and Rod Stewart, who was not nearly as awesome) last night! As we were approaching the venue a very generous couple gave us their WAY better tix, and we watched the show from the 9th row on the floor!

It was such a fabulous show, Stevie Nicks is such a gypsy goddess. In all the hubub (of trying to go from work, to getting ready in a jiffy and getting to the show) I didn't get a chance to take an outfit photo, but I busted out my new red velvet pants... very bohemian!

Anywho, Stevie Nicks Awesomeness aside... isn't this shirt cool? I feel like I could fly away while wearing it, it has enough fabric to make three shirts, but the drape is just so cool and it may be comfiest thing I own. fly fly away!
p.s. I just realized how scraggaly my hair was looking, oops! time for a trim.
outfit details: jeans: Forever 21 top: H&M, shoes: Delia's