Monday, April 11, 2011

vacation followed by vacation

So.... I went on a fabulous extended weekend girls vacation to San Francisco with my two besties! (two weeks ago) and then I found I needed some serious rest when I got home, it's tough work having a blast and being a tourist for 4 days with your best gals! so here are some photos from all of our fun shenanigans (I seem to have stopped taking photos after the first two days) but we did all sorts of fun things... We visited Muir woods (and got lots of looks from all the hiking types, I guess our outfits were a bit unconventional), went to Alcatraz island, strolled around Haight street, bought a bunch of crap in China town (it was all so cheap, I couldn't resist) Shopped at H&M (the closest one to KC is Chicago... boo), and found some gems at the Mission thrift stores. and, of course lots of great food and drinks were had by all!

the three amigos. Taylor, Camille, and Me (Joey)

I am so in love with these two girls and when our forces are combined.... what can I say... WATCH OUT! we always have so much fun. Not to be a total sap, but I gotta say, I am so lucky to have such beautiful amazing girlfriends, who I can just be myself with, these gals are really the best friends a girl could have! xoxo
The view from Alcatraz Island
Lounging in Haight street

haha, we drove by the full house house! "cool dude!" what a great, whirlwind vacation!

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