Tuesday, April 19, 2011

skirting around

I took these photos last week, when it was sunnier and oh so nice. I am sort of obsessed with this awkward 3/4 length skirt, I found this gem of a polka-dotted skirt for $3.00 at the thrift store ( I think it's supposed to be a full long skirt on most, but I'm loving the way it fits!)

I gotta say, I was prettty proud of the fact this this outfit only cost me about $30.00 total! but then I realized this is pretty average for me...I tend to shop 75% at thrift stores and when I really want to splurge I'll hit up Target, Forever 21 or (gasp) Walmart, or the Urban Outfitters sale rack. Although I do shop more than I should, I tend to rationalize it with the fact that I am finding suuuch great deals! ( I love a steal) and I especially like finding something thats not quite right at the thrift store that I can then take home and alter.... like this poor tank top that just keeps getting shorter and shorter! I actually have a pair of scissors in my dressing area, and I use them liberally, constantly changing my clothes and making them exactly how I want them... this process includes a lot of impromptu cutting and sewing.. hehe do any of you do this? or is it just me?

outfit details: skirt: thrifted, tanks:walmart, shoes:Dillards, necklace:World Market, purse: LA vendor

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog through the Style Bloggers Map. I'm another blogger in the Kansas City area and thrift 100% of my clothes. It is wonderful to find you. New follower!