Thursday, April 28, 2011

wedding mania!

in honor of the impending royal wedding (are you all as excited as I am ? I going to TRY to wake up early, but if not, I've DVR'd the whole thing).... I thought I'd revisit some of my very own wedding photos

I can't believe that Ryan and I have been married 8 whole months! While looking through all of these photos I got sort of teary... our wedding was so lovely we were so lucky to have all of our family and friends sharing in our special day. Not to mention that the weather and location were soooo beautiful....gush gush gush.

I am sure that this royal wedding will be a bit more grand than mine was, but I can only hope that they have as much fun and feel as much love as Ryan and I did! xoxo

all photos by John Taylor

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

easter best: PRESENT

so.. this is how I do easter 20 years later!

I got these great pants at the San Fran H&M (actually my bestie and I both got a pair, which means we'll have to plan on not wearing them the same day...or.....not! double dose of pink pants could be awesome...)

my mom just told me that Denver is getting an H&M AND an Ikea! I am so jealous! we are stilll holding on to the hope that we'll get a Trader Joes here in KC! (gotta bring some cool here to the midwest)

I made a few of these "fringe" necklaces for myself and friends and I love the long length of them and how well they layer with other necklaces, like my bunny necklace, which I rediscovered this week in the bottom of my jewelry box

outfit details: pants: H&M. shoes: Target, blazer: thrifted, top: Forever 21

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter best

for me easter is synonymous with new clothes! specifically an easter dress! My sister and I would always get dolled up in pretty dresses and cute hats and then spend the day gorging ourselves on easter candy left by the easter bunny. such fun!

my older sister Kate and me, circa 1991 (?) (sorry for the photo of a photo, my scanner doesn't work:( )
I specifically remember this dress, I believe it was a Laura Ashely hand me down from the big sister... so sweet! It's a bit chilly for a sun dress today, but I'm sure I'll try my best to bring a little bit of sping to the day, and you can bet I'll be eating some chocolate eggs! happy easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

love to your mother

I just wanted to take a moment to say a GIANT congratulations to one of my favorite people. My dear friend, Andie became a mother yesterday and I am so excited for her and her beautiful little family! I can't say it enough, congrats! xoxo

image:detail from Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt

skirting around

I took these photos last week, when it was sunnier and oh so nice. I am sort of obsessed with this awkward 3/4 length skirt, I found this gem of a polka-dotted skirt for $3.00 at the thrift store ( I think it's supposed to be a full long skirt on most, but I'm loving the way it fits!)

I gotta say, I was prettty proud of the fact this this outfit only cost me about $30.00 total! but then I realized this is pretty average for me...I tend to shop 75% at thrift stores and when I really want to splurge I'll hit up Target, Forever 21 or (gasp) Walmart, or the Urban Outfitters sale rack. Although I do shop more than I should, I tend to rationalize it with the fact that I am finding suuuch great deals! ( I love a steal) and I especially like finding something thats not quite right at the thrift store that I can then take home and alter.... like this poor tank top that just keeps getting shorter and shorter! I actually have a pair of scissors in my dressing area, and I use them liberally, constantly changing my clothes and making them exactly how I want them... this process includes a lot of impromptu cutting and sewing.. hehe do any of you do this? or is it just me?

outfit details: skirt: thrifted, tanks:walmart, shoes:Dillards, necklace:World Market, purse: LA vendor

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bat-wing wednesday

This top is another San Fran find! my friend actually found it in the sales section of H&M and graciously let me get it when I totally started to moon over it! (thanks Danielle, you're a peach!)

In really awesome news, I got two free tix to go see Stevie Nicks (and Rod Stewart, who was not nearly as awesome) last night! As we were approaching the venue a very generous couple gave us their WAY better tix, and we watched the show from the 9th row on the floor!

It was such a fabulous show, Stevie Nicks is such a gypsy goddess. In all the hubub (of trying to go from work, to getting ready in a jiffy and getting to the show) I didn't get a chance to take an outfit photo, but I busted out my new red velvet pants... very bohemian!

Anywho, Stevie Nicks Awesomeness aside... isn't this shirt cool? I feel like I could fly away while wearing it, it has enough fabric to make three shirts, but the drape is just so cool and it may be comfiest thing I own. fly fly away!
p.s. I just realized how scraggaly my hair was looking, oops! time for a trim.
outfit details: jeans: Forever 21 top: H&M, shoes: Delia's

Monday, April 11, 2011

hot tamale!

well, what can I say? these pants sort of speak for themselves, right?! I found these gems at Thrift-town in the Mission in SanFran. They border on the ridiculous, but all good fashion does, right?

I love em! and paired them with an easy, loose tee-shirt and my go to heels!

that's all for now! back to work!

booty shot!
outfit details: pants:thrifted, shirt: Walmart, shoes:Delias, belt:thrifted

vacation followed by vacation

So.... I went on a fabulous extended weekend girls vacation to San Francisco with my two besties! (two weeks ago) and then I found I needed some serious rest when I got home, it's tough work having a blast and being a tourist for 4 days with your best gals! so here are some photos from all of our fun shenanigans (I seem to have stopped taking photos after the first two days) but we did all sorts of fun things... We visited Muir woods (and got lots of looks from all the hiking types, I guess our outfits were a bit unconventional), went to Alcatraz island, strolled around Haight street, bought a bunch of crap in China town (it was all so cheap, I couldn't resist) Shopped at H&M (the closest one to KC is Chicago... boo), and found some gems at the Mission thrift stores. and, of course lots of great food and drinks were had by all!

the three amigos. Taylor, Camille, and Me (Joey)

I am so in love with these two girls and when our forces are combined.... what can I say... WATCH OUT! we always have so much fun. Not to be a total sap, but I gotta say, I am so lucky to have such beautiful amazing girlfriends, who I can just be myself with, these gals are really the best friends a girl could have! xoxo
The view from Alcatraz Island
Lounging in Haight street

haha, we drove by the full house house! "cool dude!" what a great, whirlwind vacation!